The Trees on Her Block

The Trees on Her Block

By Camille Sherman

Thick strands, split ends, hanging in zero gravity toward the sky

A morning stretch, limbs painting fine details on the clouds

Noble, astute, aged and ageless

Naked and resolute, spindly in its brittle winter coat

Immune from human error, impervious to neglect or over-watering

Pledging a sacred vow of new life in the spring

Thawing those that pass below

Breathing new poems into poets,

Fresh brush strokes into painters

Holding our attention and springing our steps

Until a season-long sunset

When autumn leaves start to fall

Camille Sherman is a professional opera singer from the Bay Area. She trained at The Boston Conservatory and the San Francisco Conservatory of music, and served as an Artist in Residence at Pensacola Opera and Portland Opera. She currently lives in Portland, where she continues to sing and develop artistic projects with local artists.

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