Threads Connect Generations Prompt #272

I’m thinking about ancestors this week and how we inherit some of their traits, like threads weaving from one generation to the next, connecting us.

For this prompt, remember your grandfather, your father or an uncle doing something he likes, or liked to do, whatever it is or was.  If they built something or maintained something . . . picture what that looks like.

Take a deep breathe in. Let it out.

Now, think about your grandmother, your mother, or an aunt, doing something she likes, or liked, to do,  whatever it is or was.

If she built something, or made something, picture what that looks like.

Go back a generation or two or three, before electricity, before modern conveniences, pioneer days.

Picture your grandfather or grandmother or great-grandparents. If you know how they spent their time, picture that.

If you don’t know how they spent their time, use your imagination.

Perhaps someone chopping wood for the fireplace.

Maybe great-grandmother is sitting by the fire, with her needlework on her lap. Perhaps she wears a contented smile as she darns, or knits, or crochets.

Deep breathe in. Let it out.

Maybe she reflects on her ancestors, those who told stories either orally or through their needlework.

Heart quilt wall hangingMaybe you remember a special quilt, or a tablecloth or a doily—something your grandmother, or her mother, or her mother made—maybe an embroidered pillowcase or a sampler.

This is where we come from—these ancestors. We are hand-me-downs of these people. We have their characteristics, their traits, their mannerisms.

Writing Prompt: When you’re ready, write about something an ancestor made.

Wall hanging quilt made by Marlene’s sister, Janet.

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