Time . . . Too Much, Too Little

By Cheryl Moore

In the many years of a working life, time is too little.

          Too little to be with family and friends

          Too little to pursue creative activities

          Too little to just sit back and enjoy its passage.

Since retirement there has been time. What have I done with this time?

          Walk to the river

          Scribble in a journal

          Mix up paint on a canvas

          Invent a story from memories

          Settle on the porch with a book and watch the birds at the feeder,

                    crows chasing a hawk high in the sky

          Watch the sun rise and set as it slowly arcs across the sky

          Watch the tide’s ebb and flow pulled by the distant moon

          Watch the blooming and fading of the garden’s flowers

          And the creatures who visit

Too much time or too little?

          It depends on the day, my energy, my mood and my desire.

When Cheryl Moore came to California in the early 1960’s, she realized she’d found her home. Moving to Petaluma in the 70’s, she was as close to paradise as she’d ever get. Travel has taken her to Europe and the Middle East. She has written on these memories as well as on the flora and fauna of the local river and her own garden. 

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