To Bee or Not Too Bee

To Bee or Not Too Bee

By Caryl Sherman

Memorable writing that sparks imagination. Lean in. Hear the writer’s voice on the page.

What brings me comfort are the moments I sit outside, in my private little apartment garden, reading a book whose words intrigue and delight me.

The big black shiny honey bees are flitting about my blooming flowers, sipping their nectar and laughing with joy.

Yes, I can hear them. Maybe you can’t, but I have cultivated a special and long lasting relationship with them.

They are my neighbors, and my friends. They fly to see me everyday. They are loyal and perpetually consistent with their love.

I rise with anticipatory excitement as I hustle outside! Which one will I see today as I gleefully read to them aloud?

Does it bring us comfort? Are we the same, even though we appear so different?

We are living things. We matter! We grow intrinsically, day by day, as we flourish among the colorful and newly sprouting Spring flowers.

I celebrate our mutual understanding. We are God’s special and intimate compatriots. We can sort out our differences at a later time!

Don’t you think?

Caryl Sherman is a woman of a certain age, who aspires to write, and bridge a mutual understanding between herself and her readers. This is an art form that continually grows and matures within her heart. And, when it works, she can’t think of anything better!

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