What have you been thinking about? Prompt #526

What have you been thinking about lately?

I’ve been thinking about hair.

The following is an excerpt from My Generation magazine, Sept-Oct 2001.

“You can’t say hair without muttering a bitter, Ha!

Hair is the Achilles’ heel atop our skulls: the curse of baldness, the pathos of the comb-over, the futility of the hairpiece.

The double cross of auburn, chestnut, raven locks—your crowning glory—suddenly blanching the color of steel wool.

Curly hair that won’t straighten, straight hair that won’t curl.

The heartbreak of the impermanent wave, the bungled dye jobs, split ends, dandruff.

Every head of hair in the civilized world is shackled to a monthly treadmill of maintenance, overhaul and gardening, hostage to the grooming industry and its literal clip joints.

You could buy a new Ferrari with the money you shell out over a lifetime for the upkeep of that mat of third-rate fur.”

Prompt: Hair

Or: What have you been thinking about?

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