Write what is hard to admit. Prompt #435

“You don’t grow up missing what you never had, but throughout life there is hovering over you an inescapable longing for something you never had.” — Susan Sontag, excerpted from The Rainbow Comes and Goes by Anderson Cooper.

Anderson Cooper continues:

“As a child, you generally aren’t aware that your family is different from any other. You have no frame of reference.”  

The following is excerpted from What We Keep by Elizabeth Berg.

“I am thinking of how right he was when he said that people want to be deceived. I have learned the truth of that notion over and over; but I never admitted to its obvious presence in my own life. After all, I claimed I did not need my mother. I said I had replaced her.”

Prompt: Write about something you have been unwilling to admit or something you have been deceiving yourself about.

Note: No one has to see your writing unless you share it. You can write and destroy your writing if it feels too personal to leave on paper, or delete on computer.

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