The Prompt Response

The Write Spot Blog is an online writing community, rich with writing prompts. Post your writing and receive comments.

Perhaps these prompts will inspire your writing. When using the prompts, write from your own experience or respond as your fictional character would respond. Don’t have a fictional character? Invent one!

“This is a space for free wild mind writing that doesn’t need to be analyzed nor dissected. It’s about the practice of writing and tapping into that raw creative energy, just to keep our juices flowing.” — Christine Falcon

How To Use The Prompts

Set your timer for 15-20 minutes, read the prompt and write, using paper and pen or computer.

When writing, leave your inner critic outside the door. Shrug off the editor that sits on your shoulder. Keep your pen moving or your fingers flying over the keyboard. Don’t stop to think. Write whatever comes into your mind.

Post Your Writing

To post your writing on The Write Spot Blog: Register (you only need to do this once). After receiving a password, log on. You can change your assigned password.

After registering, simply log on and post your writing. Oh, yes, you do have to remember your password in order to log on.

Word limit = 1,000 words.


When commenting on others’ writing, please be respectful and respond as you would like others to respond to your writing. You can mention what you especially like, what stands out, what resonates. Feedback is reflective. Please, no judging and no critiquing. You need to log on to leave comments.

Ready? Write! Post! I’ll be watching for your writing and comment as soon as I can.

“Writing isn’t about the destination — writing is the journey that transforms the soul and gives meaning to all else.” — Sue Grafton