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Love Made of Heart by Teresa LeYung Ryan

Love Made of Heart by Teresa LeYung Ryan is excellent. I read it in two sittings. Dinner could wait. I had to find out what would happen to Ruby Lin. Teresa uses her novel to advocate compassion for mental illness and to help survivors of family violence find their own voices. Teresa’s writing is evocative and from the heart. . . she reaches deep and succeeds with her genuine and authentic voice. I want to read Love Made of Heart again. Yes, it’s that good.

From the inside flap of the book jacket:  “Twenty-seven-year-old Ruby Lin has what many women envy: a beautiful apartment in one of San Francisco’s best neighborhoods, a busy social life, and a coveted position as manager of special events for the tony St. Mark hotel. But it’s Ruby’s personal life that’s become unmanageable ever since the day her mothers’ emotional breakdown forced Ruby to hospitalize her, shaming the family . . .  In putting together the pieces of her mother’s life, Ruby finds herself exploring the wounds of her own past.”

“Love Made of Heart is a book made of wisdom. Ryan writes of mothers and daughters, but the truth of her fiction strikes much deeper; beyond family, beyond gender, all the way to the fragile, universal heart.”  —  Frank Baldwin, Jake & Mimi and Balling the Jack.

Teresa LeYung Ryan is an advocate for mental health.   Advocacy For Mental Health — Resources for Women, Girls, Boys, Teens, Men, Families

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