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Trust your intuition for creative writing.

Guest Blogger Suzanne Murray inspires our writing to flow from a dream-like state of consciousness and to trust our intuition.

Suzanne writes:  How Do We Allow Creativity to Flow?

When we get lost in a good book it’s because the writer got lost in letting the story come through as they wrote.

I remember the first time when I got on a roll with my writing, where I knew I was writing something good. I stopped and looked around the room to see where it was coming from because I knew it wasn’t coming from my everyday self.

Since then I have come to understand writing comes from a dream-like state of consciousness of allowing what wants to be written to unfold. It doesn’t involve thinking or trying to figure it out but rather feeling and sensing what wants to be born and following that golden thread.

All creativity comes from this place of allowing something beyond our understanding to lead us. We can even create our lives from this place of expanded awareness. The trick is to let go of our need figure things out with our mind and our need try to control things to make things happen the way we think we want. Rather we let ourselves be surprised by what wants to unfold. We let go of the resistance we feel to letting go and letting our creativity and life flow.

We focus more on our heart and intuitive knowing. We pay attention to the inspiration that comes from that place and take action from there. We relax into being and let go of the need to push to complete our to do list.

We are more present in the moment, paying attention to the world around us.
From this place we can pick up on the clues the universe or our creative self is giving us. Life becomes
an adventure in allowing, an exploration of infinite possibilities. What if we think of our creativity and lives as a good book that we get lost in, where we can’t want to see happens next.

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