Praise Your Past . . . Prompt #333

You can use these prompts to write about something that happened to you or something that happened to someone you know. You can also use these prompts to develop your fictional characters.

Prompt: Praise your past. Write a few sentences about the best time in your life. What did you love about that time?  What did your work, or life, at that time, look like, smell like, taste like? Could be a big thing or small things.

Letting yourself describe every lovely detail will give you back something you lost, a precious time you put out of your mind. When you remember that time by praising it, you’ll have rescued it. You’ll have pulled it out of the corner where you threw it a long time ago.

Prompt: What did you, or the character you have created, throw into the corner?

Inspired from I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was by Barbara Sher.

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