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The Tubbs Fire

The Tubbs Fire – A Story of Survival and Recovery by Rob Koslowsky

A visceral accounting of a horrendous situation. Told from a first person experience what it’s like to lose all possessions and the challenges of rebuilding.

Richly annotated with photos and stories that will de-mystify what happened during and after the Tubbs Fire devastation.

Rob Koslowsky is a skilled story teller. This hard to put down book is alternately heart-breaking and hopeful, showing the resilience and strength of humans, who came together in this time of need.

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Robert K. Koslowsky spent three decades in high technology with a focus on leading edge telecommunications and solar energy solutions. After graduating from the University of Manitoba (1981), Rob worked for Nortel Networks, startup Cerent Corp., and then Cisco Systems. He also consulted with startups PVI (later renamed Enphase Energy) and Cyan (later acquired by Ciena). 

Rob’s early writings were based on historical non-fiction research in the areas of science and technology. This work inspired his first book entitled A World Perspective through 21st Century Eyes (2004) and provided stimulating content for his monthly newsletter, A World Perspective, from Nov 2004 to Oct 2017.

In 2014, he published The Upstart Startup: How Cerent Transformed Cisco and in 2016, published Breach of Trust: A Laura Paige Mystery, his first novel.

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