A poem, from the inside out . . . Prompt #246

Today’s prompt is inspired by Poet Georgia Heard, who suggests the following as a way to create a poem from the inside out.

Choose something on your body: a strand of hair, a nail, a ring, glasses, a belt, a necklace, an item of clothing, a freckle . . . anything!

  1. Describe the object with as much detail as possible.
  1. List all the feelings that the object evokes. Be specific.
  1. Create similes for the object: It is like. . . It reminds me of . . .
  1. Put yourself in the place of the object. Take on the voice of the object and write from the object’s perspective.

Take your time with this. Read what you have written. Add anything that comes up while reading.

Take a few moments to reflect. Settle in with what you have written. When you feel done with this part, go on to the next, the poetry part.

You don’t have to rhyme, or follow any rules when writing your poem. You simply need images and inspiration and emotions. Anger, pain and bursts of joy are perfect material for poetry.

Do not strive for perfection. This is still the freewrite phase of writing.

When you are done and completely satisfied, then . . . set your writing aside for a day or two.

Come back to it when you are ready to revise and polish. Then set it free: Share with a friend, submit to a journal, post on The Write Spot Blog. We would love to read your inside out poem.

Watering can girl. J.Pierce


Girl with watering can and daisy, beaded pin by J. Pierce.


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