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Carve Magazine offers a unique take on declined submissions.

Carve Magazine Submissions Guidelines sound pretty friendly, like they are just waiting for your manuscript which they might read over blackberry pie and coffee.

“We accept short story, poetry, and nonfiction submissions year-round and from anywhere in the world. Send us your best work. We’d love to read it.”

A partial list of Submission Guidelines:


Carve seeks good honest fiction in the form of short stories, with emotional jeopardy, soul, and honesty.

Carve seeks poetry that is both quiet and expansive; elicits an authentic emotional connection. Every word should purposefully add to the voice, sound, and imagery.


Carve seeks nonfiction that reflects the honest place of literature in our lives with experiential reflections and literary overlays, inlays, or even underlays. ‘Tell us what happened and how we, as literature lovers, connect to it.”

Unique to Carve:  DECLINE/ACCEPT 

We want to support all writers, even the ones we don’t publish. If we decline(d) your story and it’s accepted elsewhere, let us know. We might ask to feature an excerpt and a recap of your experience in our Premium Edition.

Complete Submission Guidelines for Carve.

Consider using Carve’s Editing Services to get a professional critique direct from the editor.




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