Character Sketch . . . Prompt #703

Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, how about writing a character sketch, either about yourself, or about your fictional characters.

Finish the following sentences as your fictional character would, or for yourself, perhaps a new way of looking at old ideas.

“Character Sketch”

My full name is:

I live at or near:

I live with:

Today I want:

Today I hope:

I am happiest when:

I daydream about:

If I had my way:

I don’t understand:

What I could do is:

Sometimes I think:

If I were in charge:

I get angry when:

People wouldn’t like it if they knew:

If only we had enough:

A person can’t be happy unless:

I never told anyone that I:

Five years ago:

Five years from now:

“Character Sketch” by  B. Lynn Goodwin, Writer Advice

The idea of using Lynn’s “Character Sketch” as inspiration for a new way of looking at old ideas is by Marlene Cullen.

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