The Write Spot Started In The Parlor

My passion for writing and working with writers inspired the creation of The Write Spot Website, The Write Spot Blog, and The Write Spot Books.

Discovering a style of writing called "freewriting" gave me permission to write freely, resulting in deep writing. Freewriting is that crazy writing where anything goes. It's a joy to share this style of writing with you.

Freewrite: You are free to write whatever you want. Click on Prompts for ideas and inspiration for freewrites.

In 2002, I invited a few friends to write twice a month with me in my parlor. After a few months, my friends suggested I offer this type of writing workshop to the public. And so, Jumpstart Writing Workshops was born. The Write Spot Blog is your Jumpstart– your online writing support group–your place to experiment with writing.

Marlene: Writer

My enthusiasm for writing began when I was four years old, scribbling large loops across big sheets of paper, pretending to write. When I was nine, I jotted notes in a little spiral-bound notebook, recording the activities of family members, journalistic style. Now I scribble in larger notebooks, spiral-bound still my favorite choice. I love discovering fictional characters as they unfurl from my imagination.

I have been published in several anthologies, won some contests and honorable mentions. I can research for hours, discovering information about writing, writers, and publishing. I delight in sharing my findings with you on The Write Spot Blog. 

You can listen to a podcast about the benefits of the freewrite style of writing, “Writing as a Path to Healing with Guest: Marlene Cullen,” where I had the joy of being interviewed by Osha Hayden on her program, "Aspire with Osha: Art, nature, humanity.

Marlene: Founder, Producer And Hostess of The Write Spot

The Write Spot is mostly me, Marlene. Your contributions as guest bloggers and book reviewers are a joy to read.

Marlene: Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Camp Cullen Coordinator

In the summer of 1966 I took a chance and went on a blind date. On a sunny Saturday, my date and I went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, returned to San Francisco and enjoyed dinner at Tad's Steak house on Powell Street, a few feet away from the only moving historical monument: the cable cars. Jim and I married in 1969. We live in rural Northern California where our three children grew up and our granddaughters visit Camp Cullen. 

Marlene: Gardener and Editor

When I'm not writing or reading, I love to work in the garden, pulling weeds, and occasionally being creative with new plantings. I love tugging at weeds and hearing the sllrrp as they surrender their grip and let go.

Writing is a lot like weeding . . . let go and release. With freewriting, there is no worry about the end product; just enjoy the moment of complete surrender. When seedling-writings have sprouted, it's time for editing, which is a lot like pruning. When I'm pruning a rose bush, I make a few snips, then stand back to see how it's shaping up. It's the same with revising . . . make a few changes, then re-read and re-write. Keep what's good and continue pruning until the piece has shaped to satisfaction.

Ready to write?

Choose a prompt. Set a time for 15-20 minutes and Just Write!

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Just Write

"My entire life I've struggled with writing and was accustomed to staring at a blank page. Marlene drew me in with her kindness and made me realize I had something to say if I just put pen to paper and write without thinking about it." —Cara

"I've participated in Marlene's Jumpstart workshops and was amazed at what I was able to write. She is truly inspiring and supportive for the hesitant writer like myself." —Pam

"Thank you so much, Marlene, for holding us all in such a great space and sending us down roads otherwise left untraveled." —Elizabeth uses prompts to elicit visceral feelings for her fictional characters.

"Marlene has been an inspirational voice over the years, helping me see my way forward, encouraging me at every turn. The Write Spot is a place for writers to find something valuable: voices of other writers, ideas and suggestions to improve our writing. With thoughtful prompts, links to helpful sites, or places for writers to submit their work, Marlene has done great things to provide the warmest of places in which to reside, work, and learn." —Kelly