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National Novel Writing Month “believes in the transformational power of creativity. We provide the structure, community, and encouragement to help people find their voices, achieve creative goals, and build new worlds—on and off the page.”

NaNoWriMo-Is it for you?

‘Tis the season . . . NaNoWriMo

Concept is simple, execution is difficult.

Writers Forum Online Writing Workshops
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Wednesdays, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm (Pacific Time)

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Nov. 1     Rebecca Evans
Nov. 8    Marlene Cullen
Nov. 15  Deb Fenwick

Nov 1: Penning through Difficulties, Facilitated by Rebecca Evans
Not your average “trauma writing workshop,” Evans explores combining craft, form, and self-care to navigate the difficult narrative as we help make sense of our experiences. Through compassionate and gentle exploration–using empowerment and artistic tools–writers at all levels can access narrative that seems overwhelming and learn to re-frame experiences into craft that feels meaningful.

Rebecca Evans is a memoirist, poet, and essayist. She’s a military veteran, a serious gardener, and often engages in self-hand-to-hand combat. You can find her struggling with a phrase in her hammock, under the stairwell, or stuck in a fluffy chair. She teaches. A lot. Her poems and essays are published in some lovely lit journals, like The Rumpus and Narratively. You can also read her work in a few anthologies. She co-hosts a radio show, Writer to Writer, on Radio Boise and lives in Idaho with sons and Newfoundlands and a squawky Calico cat. Her recent book, TANGLED BY BLOOD, a memoir in verse (Moon Tide Press, 2023), is available wherever fine books are sold.

Deb Fenwick
After many years working in youth-based programs and public education, Deb Fenwick lives and writes just outside Chicago in Oak Park, Illinois. Intersecting interests in human development and learning, the arts, and analytical psychology have culminated in her current studies at the Jung Institute of Chicago, where, among other things, she's exploring the role of imagination and creativity in the healing process. Her creative nonfiction has appeared in Pithead Chapel, Hippocampus Magazine, Cleaver, Sparks on The Write Spot Blog, and elsewhere. 

Writer Advice
Writer Advice, by Lynn Goodwin, is loaded with information for writers, including contests and markets, as well as management consultation and Editing Services, and more!

Sleeping With Celebrities Podcast
“Each week on the slyly humorous and reassuring Sleeping With Celebrities  host John Moe talks with a different guest from the world of entertainment about something they know a lot about. The conversation is guaranteed to be just interesting enough to draw your attention away from your own swirling anxieties . . . No startling revelations, no dramatic screaming confrontations, but plenty of low-key dialogue, intricately laced deadpan comedy, and a ticket to dreamland.”
Sort of like: Stories told ‘round the campfire.
I listened to Andrew Child (Lee’s younger brother) talk about living in Wyoming where the deer (who are mean) and the antelope (really, pronghorns) do not play. It was entertaining and now I want to go to Wyoming, to breathe clean air, see the mountains, and watch the pronghorn race cars down dirt roads.

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