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Welcome to The Write Spot - an online writing community offering inspiration and writing prompts to spark your writing. Click on Writers Forum for Zoom Events, Jumpstart for writing workshops, and Resources for websites, blogs for writers, and places to submit your writing.


Are you a published author, new to writing, or unsure if you are a writer at all? 
The Write Spot books spark creativity with prompts to enhance writing, resource information about self-care when writing about difficult subjects, and more. And they are entertaining, too!


Writers Forum

Writers Forum will meet again in Autumn, 2022.

Free Zoom event: A place to learn and chat about writing. Details on the Writers Forum page.

Great group of people, great readings, great discussions. — Patricia

Jumpstart Writing Workshops

On the Zoom platform. Contact Marlene for information about Jumpstart Writing Workshops.

I enjoyed everything: the prompts, the atmosphere and the variety of writing. — Sherry

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Reality’s Ruse

Memorable writing that sparks imagination. Lean in. Hear the writer’s voice on the page. Reality’s Ruse  By  Mary O’Brien   Summer shakes Winter’s hand,proposing a fling.Autumn’s wind scurries themboth away –not a fan of farce. Martinis at three,come by and get me.Loose lips sink ships:my mouth full ofsharp torpedoes. My reality is oftena ruse, driven to otherworlds on printed pages,between coversin greedy hands. I left my scarf inthat dream –the one with the pulledthread Itied round your finger. We never made it to New York.That was your ruseto keep me interestedlong enough to marryin Vegas. “Reality’s Ruse” inspired by Just For Fun . . . Prompt #672 on The Write Spot Blog, Mary O’Brien is a Retired Trophy Wife (RTW) from the Pacific Northwest. She has volunteered for the Court Appointed Special Advocate program, founded local therapeutic hospital humor programs, and supported various other non-profits and do-goodery.  Enjoying the artistry of…

The Write Spot Blog is a writing gold mine of information, help, and encouragement. — Kelly

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