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Cultivate Creativity

Cultivate creativity: Grow awareness and eliminate distractions.

Like gardening: Pull what you don’t want (those darn weeds) and nourish what you want to grow.

The following Guest Blog Post is an excerpt from Suzanne Murray’s 1/14/17 blog post.
I started writing before the development of the personal computer, when cut and paste meant I was down on the floor with a pair of scissors and a jar of that thick white glue that smelled vaguely of peppermint. It was in many ways a simpler time with far less pulling on my attention.Every morning upon rising I would make my single cup of French roast coffee, dripped through a Melitta, and then sit down to write. There weren’t thoughts like I’ve got to check my email or Twitter feed to interfere with putting words on the page. If I needed to do research, I went to the library, the sacred hall of actual books. I would flip through the cards in the small wooden drawers of the card catalog to find the book I needed, check it out and carry it home. Now I love my laptop. It makes revision, including cut and paste, so much easier. It connects me to a larger world. I can Skype my friend in Australia and feel like I’m sitting in her living room talking. I can connect to the web to find a wealth of information I need for my work.Yet lately I’ve been thinking about the issue of distractions. The fast pace of our times pulls us in so many different directions at the same time. We can lose ourselves in the swarm of emails, the compulsion to engage social media, surfing the web or checking the notifications coming in on our phones.I’m not suggesting that we give those things up. Rather, what if we brought more awareness to what we really want to be doing with our time in each moment?What if we asked ourselves the question, “What would bring me the most happiness and joy right now?”

If the answer is to post something on Facebook, great.

Bringing consciousness to our lives on a regular basis helps us chose the activity that feeds us and helps us create more of what we really want in our lives.

Asking “What would bring me the most happiness at this time?” can help overcome procrastination and the distraction that can get in the way of our creating.

When I asked myself that question this morning I got that I wanted to write a blog about distractions. Writing is one of the things that always brings me a satisfaction as I tend to be more present and lose myself in flow.

What does this for you? Start being more mindful of what really brings you happiness. Maybe set an alarm on your phone to go off every hour to remind yourself to stop and ask the question and be more conscious of your choices. Play with it. See what shifts for you.

About Suzanne Murray:

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Experience  joy  through creative expression. I offer practical, emotional and soulful strategies to help you fully uncover your creative gifts. I provide encouragement and support in understanding of the creative process and its stages and exercises for accessing the wisdom of your imagination. I’ll help you set realistic goals and support you in achieving them. We will work through the issues that get in the way of your creativity, including career concerns, blocks, limiting beliefs, relationship issues and the existential and spiritual questions that can arise from wanting and needing to create.

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