Favorite place from childhood – Prompt #11

Picture a house you grew up in. If you grew up in more than one house, just choose one. It doesn’t matter which one.  Stand back from the house, across the street, or across a yard, and look at your house.  Notice the size, shape and color of your house.

Walk a little closer. What do you see? Take a look around. Perhaps you notice some trees, or plants, a yard or a fence. Perhaps a sidewalk.

Look at the side of the house that you usually first walked into. Maybe a front door, or a side door, or a back door.  Walk towards that door.

Open the door and step inside.

Take a look around. Even though it may have been awhile, this room is so familiar. Walk towards your favorite room in the house. If you don’t have a favorite room in this house, go to your favorite spot. Maybe it’s under a tree, or away from your house. Maybe it’s a friend’s house or a relative’s house. Go to your favorite place from your childhood.

Prompt:  Write about your favorite place from your childhood

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