National Day of . . . Prompt #361

Imagine a conversation between two people of different backgrounds talking about March 13, National Day of . . . Explain National Day [choose one from the list below] as if these two people were talking in person, over the phone, or via emails. They could be friends. Or perhaps they have never met in person. Look for the twist in red below. National Elephant Day – Thailand Coconut Torte Day – Australia National Good Samaritan Day – United States. A day for unselfish actions to help those in need and to celebrate kindness. National Earmuff Day – United States, in honor of the 1873 invention of earmuffs. At the age of fifteen, Chester Greenwood of Farmington, Maine was credited for inventing the winter wear out of necessity—his ears were cold. National K9 Veterans Day – United States A lot of things changed after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941….


House Image…  Prompt #311

  Think of a house or an apartment you lived in – either where you grew up or one that comes to you most strongly: a place that seems most pertinent or the place you want to discover more about. Use a pen or pencil and draw a blueprint of the house or apartment. Sketch the floor plan, include doors (front, back, side), stairs, and each room within the house.  Let your hand and mind be the guides. Don’t worry about getting it exactly correct. Use color to explore When you feel done with the blueprint, use color to explore the house/apartment and your feelings. Color the rooms, or outline the rooms, using the actual or basic color of the walls, the rugs and furniture. When you feel done with coloring, write whatever comes up. Examples The house was yellow I hated that color. It made me think of . ….


Music lyrics as prompts . . . Prompt #240

You may already do this . . . Use musical lyrics as prompts. Here are a couple for you: “She lost him. But she found herself and that was everything.” Taylor Swift   “I used to drive out to John’s house,” says Paul McCartney. “He lived out in the country, and I lived in London. I remember asking the chauffeur once if he was having a good week. He said, “I’m very busy at the moment. I’ve been working eight days a week.” And I thought, “Eight days a week! Now there’s a title.”   Have a go. Just start writing. Be open. Be surprised. Let the ink flow. Let your fingers fly across the keyboard. Then share. Post your writing on The Write Spot Blog.  


Homonyms – Just for fun. Prompt #213

Homonyms (also called homophones) are words that sound like one another but have different meanings. Some homonyms are spelled the same, like bark (the sound a dog makes) and bark (the outer layer of a tree trunk). Enchanted Learning Freewrites mean writing freely. You are free to write whatever you want. Use any or all of the following words in a freewrite: Flower – Flour                    Beach – Beech                    Bough – Bow Fur – Fir                              Morning – Mourning            Birth – Berth Red – Read                          Time – Thyme                    Eye – Aye New – Gnu                           You – Ewe                           You’ll – Yule If ewe are knew too freewwrites oar kneed eh refresher . . . If you are new to freewrites or need a refresher: Freewrites . . . What Do You Call Them? What is a freewrite and what is a writing prompt? Lose Control and Just Write Writing Is Like Excavating If yule cast yer…


What is a good life? . . . Prompt #199

What makes up a good life? What are the ingredients for a good life? If you could combine essential ingredients to produce a good life, what would those ingredients be? Is there a secret ingredient? If there was a recipe for a good life, would people embrace it? Would they conform or rebel or ??? If you were going to stitch qualities for a good life into a quilt, what bits and pieces would you need? What would the final piece look like? Is this even a fair or answerable question? Are there too many variables to consider? If you could create, cajole, conjure, form, shape a good life, would you? What would it look like. . . that good life many people strive for. Today’s writing prompt: What do you think a good life is all about?    

Just Write

How to flesh out villains.

Do you have a villain in your story? Is this scoundrel executing gruesome acts? Is it hard for you to get into the head and heart of the “bad guy?” Does he or she have a heart? Here’s an idea about how to flesh out your baddie. . . so that he/she is someone you can live with for the duration of your writing. Do a freewrite. The antagonist was once a child. What were his/her passions as a teenager? What games did they play as children? What delighted this child? Write about his/her first car. Choose a prompt and write as if you were answering from the villain’s point of view. Imagine you are a neighbor or a relative of the undesirable person. Write about the mean person from someone else’s point of view. What is the turning point, or the chain of events that changed this innocent toddler…


The Zipper . . . Prompt #193

“When we seek closure, we reach out to the zipper. it keeps us warm, prevents things from falling out of purses and lets us cram way too much into our suitcases. When it gets stuck, so do we. Without it, life would be filled with the endless ennui of buttoning and snapping.” — Helen Anders Today’s writing prompt:  Zipper