1. karen53

    I borrowed a star from the infinite sky. I held it under my heart, absorbing it into my very being. I fed it with love and it filled me with wonder. It flowed through my veins and shot from my fingertips into an imperfect world.

    I tried to close my hands around it, hold it in my palms, and bind it to me. But to truly love, there can be no grasping, no expectation. So I uncurled my fingers, unclenched my fist, loved with an honest, open hand. One pulsating and twinkling beam until the next.

    I cried when my star returned to the night sky. Too soon – forever too soon. All in our world is borrowed; no promise of time, no guarantee of more than this one, precious moment … but even on a moonless night, I can look up and know that my star is still there. She waits in that eternity for me.

    1. mcullen Post author

      Dear Karen, this is absolutely gorgeous. It would be fun (I think) to type this and frame it, perhaps with some sparkles. Truly beautiful writing with heart-full sentiment.

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