Five minute writing exercises . . . Prompt #431

Susan Bono writes.
Photo by Laurie MacMillan, Sunfield Design

~ Write for 5 minutes about something difficult, challenging, or painful.

It’s only five minutes. Go ahead. Do it now. We’ll wait.

Humming in the background while writing gets done.

Quiet while writing gets done.

Are you still reading?  Write!  Just write. For five minutes.

After five minutes . . .

~ Write for 5 minutes about something comforting, happy, or joyous.

Yes, you. Now. Just write. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Waiting. Waiting. Patiently waiting. I’ll write, too.

After five minutes . . .

~ Write for 5 minutes about images of nature, the natural world.

Hmm . . . what will you choose from nature to write about?

Feathers, rocks, trees, birds, rocks, dirt, peach blossoms, river, waterfall, penguins, geese.

Write whatever comes up for you about nature.

Shhh. . . Writers are working here. Doing what we do.

Writing. Just writing. Keep on writing. For five minutes.

Next . . .

~ Spend 15 minutes to write a poem, using words and images from each of the previous writing.

Can use repetition.

Doesn’t have to make sense.

Have fun with this.

Play with words.

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