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Flash fiction: What it is and where to submit

“Flash fiction goes by many names: microfiction, sudden fiction, short-short, postcard fiction, etc. Its word count runs anywhere from 140 characters to over a thousand words, generally capping out at 1500.

A short-short story has to handle all the fictional elements seamlessly within an extremely tight space. Give these extreme parameters, what makes a piece of flash fiction truly great?”  —“Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” by Jack Smith, May 2017, The Writer

“It’s a great artistic expression,” states Kim Chinquee, author of Oh Baby Flash Fictions and Prose Poetry. “Key attributes [for flash fiction]: Language. Imagery. Surprise. Things that are left out. Elements such as tone and point-of-view can fill in for the plot. Rhythm. And a smashing title and ending.”

Smith writes in this article, “Hundreds of publications are open to flash fiction.”

Here are some of them:

Atticus Review

The Carolina Quarterly

Smokelong Quarterly

More places to submit flash fiction.

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