Freewrites: develop character, plot, setting, mood Prompt #228

What kinds of writing prompts do you want? Let me know and I’ll try to create prompts that will inspire writing.

Freewrites are a way to organize your thoughts, gather information, create characters, develop plot, set the scene, make discoveries, and more!

What have you discovered while freely writing? Share your thoughts, ideas, creations, inspirations here, on The Write Spot Blog.

Today’s writing prompts are oldies but goodies.

Character Development

Develop Character, Prompt #4

Your Character Has a Secret #7

Grow Your Characters #48


Location, or place as character #8

A place where you find satisfaction #25

A room from your childhood #62


The trouble started when . . . #3

What happened here?. . . #23

The problem . . . #50


How to Write A Memoir

Favorite Place from Childhood #11

Best gift #28

What games did you play? #32

Write about a time you were lost #60

Details prove it happened #71

Mood, Tone, Pacing

Setting the Mood #49

The Power of Place

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