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Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

valentines day blog hop 2016

The Write Spot Blog is fortunate to have a friend like Francis H. Powell. Even though we have never met in person, Francis is an important part of The Write Spot’s history. He invited us to join a Blog Hop last Halloween and last Christmas and now. . . drum roll. . . Valentine’s Day Blog Hop.

Before participating I had heard about blog hops, but didn’t really know what they were. Here’s how this Blog Hop works. When you click on Valentine’s Day Blog Hop (in future Write Spot posts), you land on Francis’ Blog Hop Landing Page. Scroll down and click on a name. Here is a brief summary of talented and creative writers participating in this Blog Hop.

Francis H. Powell, author of Flight of Destiny and creator of fabulous Blog Hops.

Latoya Wilson has beautiful photos on her website. She hopes her writing offers a warm refuge.

Tiffany Apan is a singer, songwriter, actress, award-winning producer, author of The Birthrite Series and other dark fiction.    

Cheryllyn Dyess writes about a wide range of intriguing topics. She writes as Casey L. Bond

Angela Chrysler has an unusual and tantalizing invitation into her website.

Terri Bruce‘s adventure stories may be foreshadowed by her mesmerizing graphics and the invitation to her website: “Ordinary People. Extraordinary Words.”

Linzé Brandon blogs about books, writing and the creative life of a writer married to a photographer at Butterfly on a Broomstick.

Sarah Kohl writes about her adventurous experiences and travels on her blog.

Marlene Cullen’s The Write Spot Blog is a place for writers to post freewrites from the listed prompts.

Sundays – Book Reviews

Mondays – Inspiration to Just Write

Tuesdays – Quotes (watch for a new feature to be revealed soon)

Wednesdays and Fridays – Writing Prompts

Thursdays – Guest Bloggers

Saturdays – Places to Submit

Contact Marlene if you want to be a guest blogger and for posting book reviews.

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