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Her Story Anthology: Write to Heal Abuse

Gabrielle Pullen, founder of Your L.I.F.E Matters, Inc, is seeking submissions for Her Story Anthology: Write to Heal Abuse.

Writing is one way to make sense of our experience and turn pain into art. Your insight matters, to you and to other women who don’t yet believe they can get out. Pick one moment when you knew something had to give, and for once, it wouldn’t be you. This anthology will contain short stories, either non-fiction or creative fictionalized accounts, of your experience which demonstrate creativity and clarity.

Your L.I.F.E. Matters, Inc. began as a desire to support women with codependency issues who tended to play the victim. Gabrielle hoped to speak indirectly to her grown daughter through her work. But two days before the launch, in September of 2011, her daughter was found dead in her room in Eugene, Oregon where she was about to finish her last semester before graduation from the University of Oregon.

HERSTORY Insight Journaling is just one of the methodologies available for honing your experience into gems of insight to keep you centered in yourself. Rather than living in reaction to the conditioning of disrespect, learn to live from your own authority. Acting in congruence with your own values, gain access to the original confidence and power you were born with.


Deadline: December 15, 2013

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