Just Write

How to get in the mood to write.

Get comfortable in your chair, couch, or wherever you are sitting . Both feet flat on the floor. Wiggle, squirm, move around until you are sitting comfortably.  Take a deep breath in through your nose and release slowly through your mouth.

Feel the floor under your feet. Your chair is firmly supporting you. Rest your hands comfortably in your lap, or on your thighs or on the table.

Sit back and relax into your chair, feeling completely supported and totally comfortable.

Take a deep breath in, hold and let go. Let go of your worries, Let go of your concerns.

Take a nice deep breath in. Feel the breath go down, past your lungs, into your belly.

Hold and really whoosh out.

As you go through this relaxation, take deep breaths as you need to and really whoosh out as you exhale.

Perhaps wiggle your toes and feet, rotate your feet, loosen your ankles.

Feel your feet relax. Relax your legs, Let go of the calf muscles. Let go of any tension in your legs. Just let go.

Relax your thighs. Let the chair take the weight of your thighs. Let go of any tension that is in your thighs.

Deep breath in. Hold and release. Let your worries fly away.  Enjoy this sensation of feeling free. Free and relaxed.

Relax your stomach. Release and relax.

Take deep breaths as you need to.

Rotate your shoulders in a circle.  And around the opposite direction.

Roll your head and your neck.  Roll back the other way.

Deep breath in and as you exhale, let go of any tension that might be lingering. Just let go.

You can do this before starting to write and anytime you feel stuck. Remember to breathe!

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