I read it on Facebook.

Thursday is Quote Day on The Write Spot Blog. I like to post something interesting someone has said, or pithy or memorable. Adair Lara’s writing matches all three.

Adair Lara comments, lifted from Facebook:

“Facebook is destroying small talk. You open your mouth, and they say, ‘I know, I read it on Facebook.'” — January 24, 2014

Adair on Passwords: “I recall, children, a time when you didn’t have to spend part of each day trying to remember passwords, looking them up in your password file cleverly called something else, like sammy’s dog, putting them in wrong, having to get the password from the site which entails remembering whether you said the name of your maternal grandfather was Tom or Thom, and then having your new password being called weak or strong, and capitalizing the “H” to please them (you’ve employed a variation of the same password since you were 36) and repeating this fricking exercise ten times a day, when who cares whether somebody can get into your toon photos account or not?” — February 6, 2014

Want Adair humor in person? Take her class, information posted on Facebook, May 8, 2014:

Shouldn’t you finish that book?

You put a lot of work in on it, and then laid it aside, or got too busy at work, or lost faith in it.

Before that, though, you put a lot of time and talent into it.

You might enjoy a day at my house entirely devoted to writers with stalled projects. I’ll help you decide whether to take it up again, and providing you by the end of the day with a specific plan for doing just that –and perhaps a writing partner, or writing group, to boot. You might decide to at least try to carve some sellable essays out of it.

Also I’ll give you some killer voice exercises I’ve been developing. You will certainly enjoy meeting your fellow writers. For those who have a completed draft, we’ll talk about publishing/self-publishing.

Get ready for the workshop by: a) assembling your manuscript and reading it b) researching the competition on Amazon.

Limited to 15. $175 Sunday June 22 9-4:30 45 minutes off for lunch




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