Just Write

Just Do It

Photo by Graham Lawler

Do it! Do it in secret or in the open, do it with your heart.

Share what you care to share and process the rest into more writing, or painting, or dancing, or living your everyday life.

Don’t worry too much about a final product, there isn’t one, even when you call a piece done and, say, publish it. It could always be refined, rewritten.

Get on to something and pursue it as many times, in as many ways as it takes it for you to feel done with it—for a while, at least—decide if and what you want to share, when and how, and start a new one.

Christine Renaudin lives, writes, and paints in Petaluma, CA. She is also a dancer and performs occasionally in the Bay Area. She likes to mix art forms and makes a living teaching literature, creativity, and performance.

Originally published in The Write Spot to Jumpstart Your Writing: Discoveries. To celebrate the fourth year anniversary of publication, Discoveries is on sale for $6.99 at Amazon for a limited time.

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