Just Write

Listen to your body as a way to creativity.

In this Just Write post, we’ll take a look at the idea of listening to your body as a way to get past blocks toward your creativity.

First, turn off your cell phone or put to vibrate. Unplug from Facebook and emails. Eliminate as many distractions as you can.

If you are experiencing extreme grief or pain, please get professional help. This post, of course, cannot replace the need for professional assistance.

Ready? Here we go.

We all experience grief, trauma, sadness. And we have our own ways of handling those stresses. There is no one right or wrong way to handle these difficulties. What is right for one person, may be wrong for someone else. What works for me, might not work for you, so take what works for you from this post, ignore the rest.

Let’s take a moment now to breathe, relax and get settled.

Take a deep breath in and let out with a whoosh.

Deep breath in. Relax. Let go.

Drop your head to your chest and rotate in a circle.

Rotate shoulders in a circle.

Scan from head, down to your toes. Check in with your body.

Notice places that are tight. Notice any uncomfortableness.

As you scan your body, become aware of any place that draws your attention – notice what part of your body calls out to you.

Place the palm of your hand on the part of your body that calls your attention. Or bring your breath there if it’s not reachable with your hand.

Allow your hand to be filled with the information of that place.

Take a deep breath in. Let it out with relaxing sigh.

Thinking about that place in your body that calls out . . . what do you notice? Who hangs out there? Who do you see?

If you could have a conversation with that part of your body, what would it sound like?

If you have blockages in your life, your work, or your creativity, your body can tell you what’s going on. If you are stuck, notice where you feel it in your body.

When you pay attention to that stuck feeling, you can work past it and then you will be free to work as you wish. Discover what’s really bothering you.

When you are ready, write about what you have discovered. Write about that place in your body that wants attention. Or just write about whatever is on your mind.Hands

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