Missed my deadline

Missing a deadline . . . Not a good thing, right? One might agonize about missing a deadline to the point of being incapacitated.

Sandy Baker 180Not my author friend, Sandy Baker.

Sandy recently sent an email with updates about all her books. She had high hopes of Adventures Of The Hotel Sisters being published in time for Christmas presents. When that didn’t happen, she simply said, “Missed my deadline! Hotel Sisters is going to be late–always good for a New Year’s, after-the-holidays late gift!”

I love her easy-breezy attitude. It’s good to know what you can and what you can’t do . . . What you have control over and what you have no or little control over.

And if you make a mistake, take ownership. You don’t have to be dramatic nor overly explanatory, just a simple statement of facts. I missed my deadline.

And then get on with the show. Do what needs to be done.

I think anyone who knows Sandy is lucky. She is warm, kind and a bighearted person, generously giving of her time and energy with answers to questions about writing and gardening. She is a master gardener and a versatile author.

Sandy was interviewed by Mikala Kennan, videography by Gary Carnivale for the Writer Speak program.

Discover Sandy’s thoughts in this video about writing, illustrators, gardening, victory gardens and more. Learn the difference between a series of books and a circle . . . Which one do you think Sandy’s gardening books are?

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