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Pausing to See the View from Here

Photo by Claudia Walen Larson

Guest Blogger Rhonda Gerhard writes:

Anniversaries are a time of reflection, whether it be for a celebration, like a wedding, or the loss of a loved one.

We are now marking the anniversary of shutdown due to COVID.

As we reflect back on this year, we can observe where we, both personally and as a people, are now, in this moment.

Like many, I have observed myself navigate this past year on automatic pilot, at times not checking in, just marching ahead. Just marching is our need for survival.

March is now here and time to reflect upon marching, right?

With the availability now of the vaccine, and the possibilities for change ahead, we can pause. Take a deep breath and ask, “What is my deepest heartfelt prayer for myself at this time, right now?”

“What do I really need for myself and how might I hold my life with compassion and awareness in this moment?”

To honor our struggles and fortitude this past year, I am offering free weekly drop-in meditations from 4-4:50 (PST) on Wednesdays through March.

This type of meditation is usually done in a lying down position, and is called Yoga Nidra. Nidra means sleep, and although we are not sleeping and dreaming, one goes into a deep state of relaxation in which brain waves slow down. This deep dive into our being produces a state of relaxation that many say feels like one has had a very refreshing nap. While in this deep state, we observe and inquire into the various layers of ourselves: physical, energetic, feelings and thoughts, and opening to a sense of peace and well-being.

For more information and the zoom link, please contact Rhonda Gerhard to sign up through her email:

Rhonda Gerhard is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Licensed MFT psychotherapist, writer, and photographer. Since 1994 she has enjoyed guiding and teaching meditation, yoga and mindfulness practices and workshops with groups and individuals throughout the Bay Area. Her passion for Buddhist psychology and non-dualism has led her to study with several teachers including Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Daniel Siegel, M.D., the works of Adyashanti and many more.

An iRest®/Yoga Nidra teacher, she has guided groups including the “At Home Within” program at COTS (Committee on the Shelterless) in Petaluma, Kaiser Permanente, Sonoma State University, and Integrative Yoga teacher training programs.

She may also be seen playing tamboura accompanying sitar or sarode performances alongside her husband, Mark Gangadhar Gerhard, tabla musician.

Blending psychology, meditation, mindfulness, and asana practice, Rhonda integrates mind, body, and spirit in her work with others.

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