Play . . . Prompt #593

Today’s writing prompt is . . . Play.

Here’s my play on the word play:

Playwriting. Play at writing. Be playful about writing.

Go to a play: Sit. Watch. Listen.

Go to a playground: Run. Swirl. Fly.

Put into a playpen: Baby. Puppy. Kittens.

Be playful: Tweak an ear. Nudge a rib. Flirty smile.

Play around: Scandal. Heartbreak. Disrupt.

Play through: Move aside. Slow poke.

One act play: Short

Three act play: Three sections: Beginning, middle, end.

Play: Vacation, sand, beach, Coppertone.

Play date: Strollers, nanny, my house or yours?

La Playa: Mexican beach, Tequila, Sunrise, Margaritaville.

Play around: No-no?

Play around at writing: Yes-yes!

Your turn: Write on the word “play.”

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