Boost Dialogue with Beats . . . Prompt #532

Too much dialogue can be boring to read. Interspersing action with dialogue makes a story interesting. In real life, we don’t talk without movement, neither should characters on a page. Plus, action gives clues to the character’s personality, habits, status and more. For example: “I dunno,” Remy said. Well, kind of boring. But what if detail were added: “I dunno,” Remy said, polishing the top of his boot along the back of his jeans. Readers can “see” this action and learn more about Remy’s character. Beats “Dialogue benefits from variety. A good way to maintain reader’s interest is to insert a variety of beats into dialogue. Beats are descriptions of physical action that fall between lines of speech.” —“Amp Up Dialogue With Emotional Beats,” by Todd A. Stone, Nov/Dec 2010 Writers Digest Facial Expressions Facial expressions signal emotions. “When a character raises an eyebrow or furrows his brow, this action,…

Just Write

Writing Advice

I’m going through old writing magazines and finding gems, like this one, “Top Five Fiction Mistakes.” — by Moira Allen, The Writer, September 2002. “Ask most fiction editors how to avoid rejection, and you’ll hear the same thing: Read the guidelines. Review the publication. Don’t send a science fiction story to a literary magazine. Don’t send a 10,000-word manuscript to a magazine that never publishes anything longer than 5,000 words. Spell-check. Proofread. Check your grammar.” “The one piece of advice nearly every editor had to offer was: Read, read, read. Read widely. Read the authors who have won awards in your genre to find out what has already been done, so that you don’t end up offering old, trite plots without even realizing it. Then, ‘Write!’ says Max Keele of Fiction Inferno. And keep writing. And write some more. When you’re finished, ‘’Let the story sit for a few days…


Today I . . . Prompt #513

Today I . . . Write from your point of view or from a fictional character’s pov. Don’t have a fictional character? Today might be a good time to create one. Use these words in your writing: Illusion, jar, hope, shatter, widget, super, awkward Hope = hoping, hopeful Jar = jars, jarring Writing Prompt: Today I . . .


Significant Events . . . Prompt #505

Make a List. Start with the year you were born and make a list of significant events that happened in your life, both personally and historically. If you are having trouble thinking of major events, here are a few: 1950-1975       Vietnam Conflict 1958                Explorer I, first American satellite is launched January 1959   Alaska becomes the 49th state August 1959   Hawaii becomes the 50th state January 1961   John F. Kennedy is inaugurated as the 35th president August 1963   Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream” Speech Nov. 1963       President Kennedy is assassinated 1964                Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan Show April 1968       Martin Luther King is assassinated June 1963        Sen. Robert Kennedy is assassinated July 1969        Astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin walk on the moon 1973                Roe v. Wade, legalizes abortion 1973                Watergate cover-up. July 1974        Nixon resigns 1986                Space shuttle Challenger explodes 73 seconds after liftoff 1990                Iraqi…


The Movies. . . Prompt #473

Today’s writing prompts are inspired from movies. ~ Thelma and Louise, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Little Miss Sunshine. Write about a road trip. ~ Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, Footloose. Write about how you learned to dance. ~ The Sting, two con men outcon a con. Write about a time you were tricked, or you tricked someone. ~Forrest Gump. Life is like a box of . . . [fill in the blank and continue writing].