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Pleiades: Literature in Context features poetry, fiction, essays.

The Pleiades Book Review (PBR) is a literary supplement to the magazine featuring both essay reviews and shorter reviews of books released primarily by independent publishers.


Please send 3-5 poems. We are particularly interested in work that embraces risk and is lyrically inventive. We value work that gives voice to a range of lived experiences and employs a mastery of expression. Work of any length will be considered, and we look forward to reading your most polished poems.


Pleiades is looking for exceptional fiction, with a focus on well-developed characters, memorable language, provocatively-wrought subject matter, and immersive settings. While there are no length requirements, our journal has limited space, and manuscripts over 12,000 words will especially need to impress. Some stories may be considered for our “online exclusives” category. 


While we enjoy essays and nonfiction in all forms, we are particularly interested in creative nonfiction that gazes out at the world rather than into the self. This is to say nothing against memoir, only that our publishing aesthetic leans towards the exterior in order to balance what see as a focus on memoir and interiority in most literary journals. Essays that perform a weave of the personal with an outward gaze are very welcome. Limit creative nonfiction submissions to 6,000 words. 


The Pleiades Book Review is now published online. We are open for book review submissions year-round. 


OPEN for submissions from December 1-January 1 and June 1-July 1.

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