1. Ke11y

    I’m not great in the kitchen: fact is I’ve been banned from ever going there! It happens now and then, unwittingly, crossing the threshold. My wife doesn’t scold my intrusion, simply asks if I might be lost? I look at my instinctive GPS, and suggest that I may indeed be lost before back-tracking.

    The thing is, well the thing is whenever I tread that sacred ground something unpredicted is going to happen. I mean, seriously, totally unpredicted and unpredictable. Now, honestly, this is not a pressure situation for me, it is more an understanding, the way to keep my wife deliriously happy in her space.

    There is all kinds of pressure situations in the world, in life, living, and these things happen every day. I suspect Captain ‘Sully’ felt pressure when landing a commercial aircraft on water! The eighteen year old young man, who cannot drink alcohol, must feel pressure when his Commander signals that the enemy is close by. I cannot imagine, for one minute, just what that kind of pressure can do to a man, when every sense of survival is at its utmost.

    Then there is the kind pressure for my wife, who for 365 days of the year must decide on what her husband will eat! My pressure is less so, maybe some a little at Safeway, while my dear one chooses the weeks menu, I might have difficulty deciding which latte I should have?

    Pressure, interesting how much ‘relevance’ plays its part.

    1. mcullen Post author

      Once again, Kelly, I am entertained by your musings. I just love where your mind takes you. Thanks for including us in your mind’s travels!

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