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Scarlet Tanager: Submit poetry for anthology

Do you want your poetry to be part of an anthology?

Submit to Scarlet Tanager to be considered for their anthology about California species, habitats, and geography, as well as historical, emotional, spiritual, political, aesthetic, or philosophical content.

Scarlet Tanager is looking for poems that “go beyond simple description of place.”

From their Submissions Page:

The anthology will include poems on the coast and ocean, redwood forests, deserts, rivers, oak woodlands, grasslands, valley, chaparral, foothills, and mountains.

Poems on urban environments welcome too!

The aim is to celebrate California’s landscapes and also to document destruction and change.

All forms and styles of poetry are welcome, as long as they focus on California.

You do not need to live in California to submit.

Please click on Scarlet Tanager Submissions for details on how to submit.

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