Significant Events . . . Prompt #505

Make a List.

Start with the year you were born and make a list of significant events that happened in your life, both personally and historically.

If you are having trouble thinking of major events, here are a few:

1950-1975       Vietnam Conflict

1958                Explorer I, first American satellite is launched

January 1959   Alaska becomes the 49th state

August 1959   Hawaii becomes the 50th state

January 1961   John F. Kennedy is inaugurated as the 35th president

August 1963   Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream” Speech

Nov. 1963       President Kennedy is assassinated

1964                Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan Show

April 1968       Martin Luther King is assassinated

June 1963        Sen. Robert Kennedy is assassinated

July 1969        Astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin walk on the moon

1973                Roe v. Wade, legalizes abortion

1973                Watergate cover-up.

July 1974        Nixon resigns

1986                Space shuttle Challenger explodes 73 seconds after liftoff

1990                Iraqi troops invade Kuwait, leading to Persian Gulf War

9/11/2001        Two hijacked jetliners ram two towers of World Trade Center

April 2009       Swine flu

June 2009        Michael Jackson dies at age 50

Writing Prompt: Take one item from your list and write in detail what happened to you that year. If you have time, take another year and write what happened to you that year.

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