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Fractured Lit

Fractured Lit publishes flash fiction with emotional resonance, with characters who come to life through their actions and responses to the world around them. “We’re searching for flash that investigates the mysteries of being human; the sorrow and the joy of connecting to the diverse population.” Fractured Lit is open year-round and is available to all writers. We currently publish microfiction (up to 400 words) and flash fiction (401-1,000 words), with new writing featured on Mondays and Thursdays. We also offer contests throughout the year. We’re excited to launch a new contest for our flash writers. From May 15 to July 16, 2023, we welcome writers to submit to the Fractured Lit Flash Fiction OPEN. Fractured Lit publishes flash fiction with emotional resonance, with characters who come to life through their actions and responses to the world around them. We’re searching for flash that investigates the mysteries of being human, the sorrow and the joy of…

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Crafting Short Fiction

“If I had more time, I’d write a shorter story.”— Mark Twain Today’s Guest Blogger, Guy Biederman, talks about crafting short fiction. I’ve always been intrigued by the challenge of creating something small that has big power. Giacometti said he wanted to make a sculpture the size of a matchbox, but so dense no one could lift it. The first micro story I remember reading was “Coup de Grace” by Ambrose Bierce, with a gotcha ending. O. Henry’s “Gift of the Magi used” a similar technique. I was astonished by the wallop a short piece could pack. As a young writer, I cut my teeth on Raymond Carver’s work. Carver’s stories weren’t always short, but they were spare and vivid, conveyed feeling, empathy and understanding, and explained very little. I didn’t know what he was doing or how he did it. I only knew that reading his work was like…



Memorable writing that sparks imagination. Lean in. Hear the writer’s voice on the page. Pull By Guy Biederman Writing backwards, I row toward home. Note from Marlene:  Your turn. Write a story in six words. Guy Biederman teaches short fiction and is the author of five collections of short work, including Nova Nights (Nomadic Press,), Edible Grace (KYSO Flash Press), and Soundings and Fathoms, stories (Finishing Line Press).  His work has appeared in many journals including Carve, Flashback Fiction, MacQueen’s Quinterly, Bull, great weather for Media, Riddled with Arrows, The Disappointed Housewife, and Exposition Review, where he was twice a Flash 405 winner. Guy’s stories, prose, and poems have also won a Publisher’s Choice Award, an Editor’s choice Award, and been nominated for the Best of the Net. Born in the Chihuahuan Desert near the Mexican border, Guy grew up on a Sting-Ray in Ventura, learned to write in the…

Places to submit

The Disappointed Housewife

Notes from The Disappointed Housewife editor Kevin Brennan: “The Disappointed Housewife is a literary journal for writers, and readers, who are seeking something different. We like the idiosyncratic, the iconoclastic, the offbeat, the hard-to-categorize. Out of the universe of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, we want to attract work that plays with form and presentation. Work that’s not just outside the box but turns the box inside out.” Excerpt from Mission Statement I took a long time debating whether to launch this literary journal. I wondered whether there’s really a need for another online gazette of literature and image, when readers hardly have time to read their friends’ Facebook pages much less an actual book now and then. But I got to thinking, there are an awful lot of writers out there, looking for places to share their work. And while blogs offer a kind of outlet for works of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry,…

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Riddled with Arrows

Riddled with Arrows is an online literary journal dedicated to writing about writing. “We seek (short) metafiction, ars poetica, and writing that celebrates the process and product of writing as art. No restrictions on genre or form, so long as the work is about writing, straight up.” Theme Calendar 2022 Submission periods: April 2-9: Eulogies, Epilogues, & Effigies: Writing and endings. Jun 21 – Jul 19, 2022: No theme Submission Guidelines Thank you, Guy Biederman, for letting me know about Riddled with Arrows. Guy’s writing, Affordable Shakespeare is in the 5.1 issue of Riddled with Arrows. To learn more about Guy and this shortened style of writing: May 5 and May 19, 2022: Guy will teach flash fiction writing. Free on Zoom through Recovery Writing of Idaho. #amwriting #justwrite #iamawriter

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The Ekphrastic Review

The Ekphrastic Review “We only publish literature inspired by or responding to visual art in some way. Our definition is flexible, but we are a niche journal and an ekphrastic writing archive and do not consider or publish non-ekphrastic work. Submissions that are not connected in some way to visual art will be deleted without response.”  Ekphrastic Mission​The Ekphrastic Review is committed to the growth, expansion, and practice of the art form of creative writing inspired or prompted by visual art.  We define ekphrastic writing simply as “creative writing inspired by art.” The piece can be an in-depth experience of the art work, or it can use the art as a starting point for expression. The connection to the artwork or artist can be subtle, or it can be central to the work. Best Chances of Publication 1. Ekphrastic translations. We are hungry for ekphrastic work from all over the world,…

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Panoplyzine is a fresh new look at poetry and short prose. “We seek to publish lively new insights in creativity, outlook, perspective, and analysis. Issue 1 debuted in August 2015. We’re edited by three friends located around Pensacola, FL who got together to offer a new look and a new option for readers and writers and lovers of good writing worldwide. In January 2022, we welcomed a new editor based in Romania to enhance our viewpoint and feel. Our mission is to share the best in contemporary poetry and short prose, to enlighten and entertain, and to touch our readers’ hearts and minds.” Submission Guidelines Guy Biederman had success with “This isn’t the story I intended to write” being published in Panoplyzine. Guy’s piece “Send It!” encourages writers to submit their writing. “I record where, when, and what I send, and of course, the results. I record quality declines if…

Places to submit

MacQueen’s Quinterly

MacQueen’s Quinterly : Knock-your-socks-off Art and Literature publishes writing of a thousand words or less. “Short forms are deceptively difficult to write well, and although they take only a few minutes to read, the best resonate far longer than that. Perhaps for a lifetime. We’re dedicated to publishing such gems—please dive in to see the latest we’ve found for you.” Submission Guidelines Bonus Info: Guy Biederman is a successful contributor to MacQueen’s Quinterly. May 5 and May 19, 2022: Guy will be teaching free flash fiction writing classes on Zoom through Recovery Writing of Idaho. Register for Recovery Writing.