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The Ekphrastic Review

The Ekphrastic Review

“We only publish literature inspired by or responding to visual art in some way. Our definition is flexible, but we are a niche journal and an ekphrastic writing archive and do not consider or publish non-ekphrastic work. Submissions that are not connected in some way to visual art will be deleted without response.” 

Ekphrastic Mission

The Ekphrastic Review is committed to the growth, expansion, and practice of the art form of creative writing inspired or prompted by visual art. 

We define ekphrastic writing simply as “creative writing inspired by art.” The piece can be an in-depth experience of the art work, or it can use the art as a starting point for expression. The connection to the artwork or artist can be subtle, or it can be central to the work.

Best Chances of Publication

1. Ekphrastic translations. We are hungry for ekphrastic work from all over the world, in its original language, and translated into English.

2. Stellar flash fiction, microfiction, small fictions: fiction from 50 to 1000 words.

We have naturally evolved as a poetry-centric publication.

We love poetry and always will, but we do receive a constant deluge of poetry, much of it stellar.

We want to grow with great fiction. We like beautiful fiction that reads like poetry. We like interesting fiction. We like fiction that packs an emotional punch. We like fiction with language that stabs you in the heart, that you want to tape onto your fridge. We like fiction that shows us something new about art.

Since we receive only a small fraction of fiction as we do poetry, and want to publish more, your story might stand a greater chance. Send your best!

3. Ekphrastic Writing Challenges. Our biweekly prompt series is your best chance overall, as they are ongoing throughout the year. We have received as few entries as 10 and as many as 300, but we do publish multiple responses for each painting in one post, which gives you higher odds.

Submission Guidelines

Thanks to Guy Biederman for recommending The Ekphrastic Review. His piece, “Together Alone”, was accepted by The Ekphrastic Review

May 5 and May 19, 2022: Guy will teach flash fiction writing. Free on Zoom through Recovery Writing of Idaho.

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