My Secret Cottage

Memorable writing that sparks imagination. Lean in. Hear the writer’s voice on the page. My Secret Cottage By Kathy Guthormsen I open the back door to dew sparkling in the morning sun and hints of rainbows shimmering in the lingering mist. They let me catch a fleeting glimpse before their magic fades. Goosebumps raise along my bare arms as I race through the grass and turn to look at my wet footprints. The sun will soon erase this evidence of my footsteps. I won’t be followed as I skip through an imaginary forest to my secret cottage at the far end of an enchanted glade. Rabbit hops along next to me hoping for the reward of a carrot. Cat slinks across the trail, hunting. She’d like to catch Rabbit, but he’s bigger than she is. And wilier. I raise my hand to shade my eyes and turn in a circle….

Book Reviews

The Story of Jazz and Vihar

“The Story of Jazz and Vihar” by Kathy Guthormsen is a sweet story and the author’s love of these three birds comes through on every page. I look forward to sharing this book with my grandchildren and taking them to see birds like this at a bird rescue center near them. —B, retired teacher and team manager, and grandmother of 3 The richly textured, vibrant artwork accompanying each page portrays Poe, Jazz and Vihar—their appearance, plumage, talons, even expressions —in realistic detail. Explanatory sidebars, also in color, flesh out the story with facts about great horned owls and ravens.—G, retired librarian and Bird Rescue Center volunteer  I like it because it because it feels like the story is set by Poe and it’s just like you can see the point of view from the owls and what they go through. I also like the pictures a lot and honestly give this book a…