Just Write

Take note.

It’s early Monday morning. The day is just getting started and it’s very quiet. The softly falling rain has hushed all ambient noises. No cars drive up our country lane. People are still sleeping on this soft-feeling day, not quite ready to begin the busyness of our lives. Even the birds are quiet this morning.

And I’m wondering, do you want to write? Do you contemplate ideas to write about as you stay in bed just a little longer in the morning? Do you have brilliant, awesome thoughts for writing while you are driving? As you wait for sleep to settle in, do these brilliant ideas swirl in your head? And they are brilliant, I am sure.

You tell yourself you will remember everything until you have time to write. Finally, you sit down to write and those creative ideas seem to have vanished. You stretch to grasp your dazzling insights, but now they are elusive.

If only you had made a note to jog your memory.

What to do?

Lightbulb.Great Idea Keep a notebook and pen handy.

Jordan Rosenfeld suggests keeping a notebook and pen in every room. Rayne Wolfe suggests keeping a notebook in your back pocket. Why not? Oh, you don’t wear jeans with back pockets? How about a shirt pocket? Or a pocketbook (isn’t that a funny word for purse?). Keep a notebook or recording device your car. Use only when it’s safe, of course.

You can also use technology to track of your ideas: Tablets, a Notebook (the computer kind), recording devices, Evernote, your smartphone, digital slates. Probably before I can tap the “publish” button for this post, there will be more gadgets available.

So next time, you sit down to write, dig out your note-leaving device and pick up where you left off. That is, if you can read your writing. Sorry, I can’t help you with that. I can barely decipher my scribblings.  Just write!

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