Places to submit

The Verge for freelance tech-heads

The Verge  covers the way technology and science are changing the way we live.” — Writer’s Digest.

“Positioned at the ultra-relevant intersection of technology and culture, The Verge affords writers an opportunity to explore unique stories in longform that fit its editorial interests, such as an unexpected side effect of an app, a surveillance program people aren’t aware of, the inside story of a product’s development, a cutting-edge research programmer, an online community or trend that’s escaped notice. With numerous Webby Awards to its name, reach to an expansive audience, and respectable pay, this market holds solid potential for freelance tech-heads.” —Tyler Moss, interim editor, Writer’s Digest

How to submit: Email a clear, concise pitch detailing your story idea and why it’s a good fit for The Verge, as well as a short bio and links to previous work, to the appropriate section editor.

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