What if we could change the past? . . . Prompt #671

What if we could change the past? According to Sam Keen and Anne Valley-Fox, in “Your Mythic Journey,”  we can change the past simply by retelling it differently than we usually do.

“The past is open to revision because memory is a function of present intention. You can turn your story over (and over) and find new perspectives on past events and emotions.” —Sam Keen

Think about some stories you have told over and over again. It could be a little thing or a big thing. It could be something that happened a long time ago, or recently. It can be repetitive thoughts you have.

Choose one story or one repetitive thought.

In your mind, “see” that story you have been telling and re-telling.

Pause, while you choose a story.

See this scene as if you are looking at a wide screen. You can see everything in this scene.

Where are you?

Who is in this scene?

Are you hot or cold or can’t feel a thing?

What is the dominant emotion?

Where do you feel this emotion  in your body?

Take a deep breath.

What do you smell?

Scan the entire scene, from left to right, top to bottom

Now, drill down, zero in on one aspect of this scene. It could be a button on someone’s coat, or something someone is holding, or food someone is fixing.

Or someone’s shoes, or an every day useful item.

Prompt: I see . . .

Or: I know . .

Or: I think . . .

Or: I remember . . .

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