What really happened? Prompt #157

What really happened?

Humphrey BogartYour story could start out like this:  [Read in a Humphrey Bogart nasally voice]:

“This is what really happened. . . See. . . .”

Got it?  Now write it!

Prompt: What really happened?

Humphrey Bogart [actor]:  Maltese Falcon, CasaBlanca, The Treasure of Sierra Madre, High Sierra and many more unforgettable movies.

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  1. Jennie Butler

    Or, is Ouros boring us?

    By Jennie Frost Butler

    Who can say, in any given situation, what really happened? Doesn’t it depend on whom one asks? On the precise angle of night-light or sunlight? Even upon who is doing the asking? Or who is (as am I) questioning the question? Could it be like *Ouroboros, head swallowing tail, looping back upon itself in one endless circuit, leaving no openings for questions? An is-ness forever trying to choke down some tiny kernel of truth, as yet undissolved in the seeming totality of it all? Who can say?

    *Circular symbol depicting a snake (or dragon) swallowing its tail, as emblem of wholeness or eternity

    1. mcullen Post author

      I love where you went with this, Jennie. . . fun and thought-provoking. Smiling here.

      1. Jennie Butler

        I sometimes get into long arid spells, Marlene, so am grateful for the prompts, your making this site available, and your comments. And I’m so happy to be mocint into a phase of writing more again. Smiles here, too.

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