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Which Oz character are you?

Dorothy and friendsAs you know, there are two sides to every story (sometimes more, depending on the number of characters involved).  Let’s look at The Wizard of Oz, the movie version, with different perspectives,   different points of view.

The Wizard: Wise and knowing? Or a fraud?

Dorothy: Sweet and innocent? Or a spoiled orphan?

Uncle Henry: Owner and Farm Manager? Or just a guy doing what he likes to do?

Auntie Em: Home Sweet Home and apple pie? Or bossy?

Hunk the farmhand/Scarecrow:  Simple minded? Or observant and resourceful?

Hickory the farmhand/Tin Man: A hunk of machine parts? Or kind and sensitive?

Zeke the farmhand/ Cowardly Lion: A coward? Or a leader?

Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West: Mean and ornery? Or misunderstood?

Glinda The Good Witch of the South: Too good to be true? Or conniving (why didn’t she tell Dorothy about the shoes when they first met?)

Toto: Just a frolicky little dog? Or pesky?

The Winged Monkeys: Horrible? Or loyal?  Horrible and loyal?

When developing fictional characters, consider their strengths and their weaknesses; their triumphs and their faults.  Make them feel real, like the characters in The Wizard of Oz.

By the way, which Oz character do you identify with?

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