Who do you miss? Prompt #462

I’ve been thinking about my mom, who passed away in July 2017. Every so often, like today, I want to phone her.

I just want to talk with her.

Prompt: Who do you miss?

That’s my mom on the cover of The Write Spot: Connections. She was a dancer in her teens, performing at convalescent hospitals in the 1940’s.

Connections is a collection of writing from mothers and their adult children. Some are funny, some poignant, some surprising. All are entertaining. Here’s an excerpt:

Dime Sightings by Pamela Swanson

Although my mother, Ione, could not afford them, she loved diamonds. Eventually she did save up enough money to buy herself a diamond ring. She was so proud of that ring. One year, early in November, Ione died without warning at the age of 54. Suddenly I was traveling the 2,100 miles from California where I lived to the small town in Minnesota where she had died. Completely unprepared, I found myself faced with finalizing my mother’s existence on this earth.
Grand Marais, a small fishing village located on Lake Superior, is where I was born. It is where my Mom grew up, met my dad, and was married. My roots are firmly planted there so when I arrived it was to the open arms of my aunts and uncles. Soon after, family members from other distances began to arrive. I was cocooned in love and support.

All of the pieces in Connections end with a prompt that readers can use to inspire writing. The prompt for “Dime Sightings” was “Sometimes Magic Happens.”

My mom and me at her 75th birthday party.

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