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The Funny Times is a monthly forum for humor and satire in a world gone totally insane. Here’s what they have to say about submitting: We read thousands of stories and cartoons in order to find and collect the “best of the best” each month. So they tell you you’re funny, huh? Great! That’s exactly what we’re looking for! Here are a few things you should know to submit your funny cartoons and stories to Funny Times: Our print publication pokes fun at politics, news, relationships, food, technology, pets, work, death, environmental issues, business, religion (yes, even religion) and the human condition in general. Not much is off limits, so do your best to make us laugh. Stories — the funniest you have ever written — should be about 500-700 words. Don’t send us things that aren’t funny. We won’t publish them. There is a lead-time of several months because…

Guest Bloggers

Guest Blogger Jared Gulian never gave up.

Guest blogger Jared Gulian wrote a fun story about his dream of being published. I love publishing stories that are inspiring and enjoy stories that take place in San Francisco, my home town. “I’m giving up,” I said. “‘Moon over Martinborough’ is never going to be a book.” Ever since I’d started this blog I’d wanted to turn it into a book, but I was losing hope. “Maybe you shouldn’t give up just yet,” Uncle Oscar replied. Uncle Oscar was here on his annual visit from New York, and we were sitting at the Gamekeeper, the restaurant at Alana Estate vineyard just down the road. CJ and I were having lunch with Uncle Oscar and our friends Leelee and the Wolf. “Uncle Oscar’s right,” Leelee said. “Don’t give up. Although the blog had gained some recognition, after 3 years of hard slog I still felt no closer to my book…

Just Write

. . . . so we can have an ordinary life.

In honor of Memorial Day, Sharon Hamilton sent the following to be included in our tribute to military personnel. Sharon shares these photos and thoughts:  We owe a lot to the men and women who have fought on our behalf, so we can have an ordinary life. Memorial is just one day we remember and vow to always remember all of our military personnel. Photo of Sharon Hamilton’s Great-Great-Grandfather’s brother, who served in the Civil War, like her Great-Great-Grandfather. General Daniel Cameron gained his citizenship by fighting for the North.                                                  Navy Seal Uniform Cover of Sharon Hamilton’s latest book, SEAL My Destiny. Sharon Hamilton writes Navy SEAL romance, about military heroes who thrill strong women, who are lucky to love them back.   Sharon began her serious writing with freewriting exercises, using prompts to inspire her writing. You, too, can jumpstart your writing. Choose prompts from The Write Spot…


Write about someone in the military. Prompt #74

Write about someone you know who is currently serving in the military or who has served. What branch of the military? What country? What would you like us to know about this person? Is there an author who writes about the armed services or books you like with a military theme? Tell us, we want to know. Photo of Purple Heart Medal taken by Jane Person. Her father, First Lt. John Person, was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart following his combat in World War II, April 1943. The Purple Heart is one of the most recognized and respected medals awarded to members of the U.S. Military armed forces. Introduced as the “Badge of Military Merit” by General George Washing in 1782, the Purple Heart is also the nation’s oldest military award. Prompt: Write about someone in the military.

Places to submit

Threepenny Review reading period January 1- June 30

“The Threepenny Review is a quarterly literary and arts magazine that publishes criticism, memoir, fiction and poetry as well as review of the performing and visual arts.” —May/June 2014 Writes Digest magazine Reading period is January 1 — June 30. Click here for submission guidelines. From Marlene, here’s an idea: Always have writing ready, so when you hear about submissions that match your writing. . . you’re ready to submit!

Guest Bloggers

Guest Blogger Arlene Mandell: Write Quirky, Break Free

Guest Blogger Arlene Mandell writes: “Found tiny brown frog in bathroom sink.” Both the frog and the notation in my journal made me smile. This reminded me that not all entries must be “worthwhile” in the service of self-analysis or material for lofty literary purposes. I’m seventy-three, have been writing for most of my life, and have cabinets, folders and computer files filled with work. Quite a bit has been published. And there’s plenty that hasn’t been. Recently I’ve been giving myself permission to snip, toss and DELETE anything that hasn’t worked thus far and may not be worth expending any more energy on. For example, there was the stack of dusty manuscript copies of Slow Kissing, my first novel which I shipped from Closter, New Jersey, to Santa Rosa, California, fourteen years ago. No matter how many times I revised it, it just wasn’t very good. One rainy morning…


Being optimistic is like a muscle . . .

“Being optimistic is like a muscle that gets stronger with use. Makes it easier when the tough times arrive. You have to change the way you think in order to change the way you feel.” — Robin Roberts, Everybody’s Got Something, her memoir. Note from Marlene:  Sometimes the sweetness of serendipity brings tears to my eyes. I have a list of quotes to post on Thursday Quote Day on The Write Spot Blog.  This one, by Robin Roberts, was next in line when I looked in my quotes file. I booted up to post the quote and surprise!  There was a post waiting for approval by marcyt, writing about cancer and doctors and well, you should read this one. Marcyt’s post is in sync with Robin’s quote.  Thank you, marcyt, for your lovely, poignant, gorgeous writing. Everyone:  Please . . . do make comments on any of the posts on…