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. . . . so we can have an ordinary life.

In honor of Memorial Day, Sharon Hamilton sent the following to be included in our tribute to military personnel.

Sharon shares these photos and thoughts:  We owe a lot to the men and women who have fought on our behalf, so we can have an ordinary life. Memorial is just one day we remember and vow to always remember all of our military personnel.

General Daniel CameronPhoto of Sharon Hamilton’s Great-Great-Grandfather’s brother, who served in the Civil War, like her Great-Great-Grandfather. General Daniel Cameron gained his citizenship by fighting for the North.

                                                 Navy Seal Uniform

SEAL Uniform.185

Cover of Sharon Hamilton’s latest book, SEAL My Destiny.

Seal My DestinySharon Hamilton writes Navy SEAL romance, about military heroes who thrill strong women, who are lucky to love them back.


Sharon began her serious writing with freewriting exercises, using prompts to inspire her writing. You, too, can jumpstart your writing. Choose prompts from The Write Spot Blog  or from The Write Spot Writing Prompts and just write.

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  1. Sharon Hamilton

    Thank you, Marlene. There isn’t a day that goes by that I forget how lucky I am to have found you, to live in this beautiful part of the country, and grateful for those who have gone before me. I’m also grateful for those who sacrificed so we could have ordinary lives. And that’s the best legacy we can leave to our kids: to have an ordinary life free from danger. Most of the world doesn’t get this gift. Most of the world who has it doesn’t appreciate it enough.

    Thank you for my start.

  2. mcullen Post author

    Sharon, I just love your genuine authentic self. . . you write from your heart and that’s part of what makes your writing so appealing. Your dedication to writing is an inspiration.

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