How Photography Inspires Writing

Memorable writing that sparks imagination. Lean in. Hear the writer’s voice on the page. How Photography Inspires My Writing By Simona Carini On January 18, 2016, walking around North Berkeley, I was brought to a halt by the look of a house: the right and left side were painted in different colors and the overall effect was that of a line bisecting the façade. I took a photo and resumed my walk but kept thinking about the house. At home, I wrote down what I had seen and the musings the sight had stirred, then distilled the material into my first poem “The Divorced House” which was published in the journal, Star 82 Review, together with the photo. At the time, I had been writing for almost 10 years, mostly about food and more recently memoir. Poetry was a new endeavor. As I developed my style and voice, I continued…


That Vulnerable Feeling

“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.” — Brené Brown  Note from Marlene: I think that sharing your writing is an act of trust and courage. That vulnerable feeling is real. #justwrite #iamawriter #amwriting


Totally Awesome

Memorable writing that sparks imagination. Lean in. Hear the writer’s voice on the page. Totally Awesome By Caitlin Cunningham I was an eighties girl. I embraced the radical change away from the disco and traditional rock music that I did not really care for when I was young. The eighties brought an entirely new sound that I loved. It was fresh and energetic. After I turned twenty-one, I went to nightclubs frequently in the eighties, I would dance to every song, not caring who asked me. I just wanted to dance all night long. And the outfits we all wore—so much black and neon. Most clubs had black lights that made our colored accessories glow… as well as the lint on our black garments. There were a few clubs I frequented regularly, both at home and at college. I remember one place that was a former Safeway grocery store converted…


A Love Letter to Myself

Memorable writing that sparks imagination. Lean in. Hear the writer’s voice on the page. A Love Letter to Myself By Luz Leyden I love that you are embracing all the ‘unfortunate events’ you have experienced and are trying to encapsulate them in writing so that you are insulated from them and their effects. You are a caterpillar who has formed a chrysalis and you are digesting yourself inside so that you can emerge transformed, free, able to fly, released from your former life and all its restrictions. That process and that bravery deserves admiration, respect, and love. I will try to do what is right for you. I will try to steer you towards light, towards enlightenment, towards your real self. I admire your bravery in staying sane through everything you have endured, despite callous provocation. Stay strong. Luz Leyden lives in Ireland where she writes . . . sometimes…